Ready To Start Your Career As A Sports Manager? We’ve Got You Covered.

Love football? Dream of becoming the best football manager in the world? If you’ve answered yes and yes to these questions, then you should be playing ManagerZone. A competitive and exciting game, ManagerZone requires you to plan out your football strategy long term, as the aim of the game is to build up a football team in as realistic a manner as possible.

The best way to become a good sports manager is to invest in your players. Scouting out potential stars at a young age and recruiting them for your Youth Academy is invaluable. You must also buy and sell players on the transfer market, and send your players to training camps to improve their attributes. Another important way to invest in your players is that as your senior players approach 31 years of age, they will start thinking about retirement, and in these cases, it’s your job as the Manager to convince them to stay on with your team as Coaches. The ManagerZone website has a very interesting beginner’s guide that can give you a lot of insight into these techniques.

Another great way to become the best sports manager in football on ManagerZone is to invest in tactics. Default formations are available, but the best way to win is to create custom formations that are based on your players’ specific attributes.

With sales taxes on your transfers and work permits for foreign players, ManagerZone really does try to emulate reality as much as possible. It’s a great game and the best way to become a great sports manager is to keep practising and reading up until you know your way around the game and are ready to compete with the best. And if football isn’t your game, you can become an ice hockey manager instead!

Become A Poker Pro in 3 Steps

Everyone likes to win, especially if it is a game of poker. The sheer satisfaction ‒ not to mention the money you receive ‒ makes winning the game bring on a definite high. The all-important question is, how exactly can you become a poker pro?

The How To

There are infinite articles, books, essays, and videos that all promise you one thing ‒ the poker crown. And for most part, all of these resources do a good job of pointing you in the right direction. What we have done is whittled down all the important stuff in one simple, easy to read article, starting with step 1.

  • Step 1 ‒ The Strategy
    One thing common to all professional poker players is that they build their game around a strategy. The experts often contend that you do not have hold the highest hand to win a round. A sound strategy is much more important. When to be aggressive, when to hold back, is all part of what makes a champion. The strategy that we like to propose is the aggressive one, which leads us to step 2.
  • Step 2 ‒ The Risk
    When you observe the strategy of past poker champions, one thing that stands out is their ability to make some really bold moves when no one else is expecting it. They sense the hesitation around the table and use that opportunity to go all in. Bluffing works, when used intelligently. The higher the stakes, the more apprehensive players will be. Use this to your advantage, which leads us to step 3.
  • Step 3 ‒ Maximize Your Advantage
    You will face in-game situations where you may just want to up and quit. But don’t. You could use that to gain an advantage. For instance, a bad hand can be improved by replacing all other cards except those above Jack.

Also, keep your pairs, and look for connectors.

Honing Your Poker Skills – From Better to the Best

Online poker games are quite interesting and serve as a way to earn big money. However, wins sometimes make a player throw caution to the wind, resulting in heavy losses. It always pays to understand your areas of concern and improve your poker skills.

It is said that to master poker a player needs to improve four key skill areas; mathematics, discipline, psychology, and weighing the risks against the rewards.

  • Mathematics: A poker player should understand the basic mathematical skills and have a general knowledge about the various probabilities of the game. An excellent knowledge of the outs or the number of cards needed to improve the hand will help, as will the pot odds.
  • Discipline: When a poker player knows the time to play and when to quit, it makes him a disciplined one. Also, a good poker player uses his mistakes as a learning tool to improve his game.
  • Psychology: Understanding the psychology of the opponents and the way they think, guessing what kind of cards they hold, and the next moves of the opponent will help the poker player become a pro at the game.
  • Weighing the risks that one needs to take in the game and the rewards that they will offer is an important skill. A good poker player will take a risk only if the expected reward is higher than the risk that needs to be taken. However, a good poker player understands that he needs to be more careful when taking risks that will affect his bank roll.

Poker is a game that combines strategy, skill and gambling. It does help when a player ‒ be it in any level ‒ makes a sincere effort to improve his skills to minimize his losses and maximize his gains.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Online Poker Tournaments

You might think that poker tournaments are limited to the real-life, in-house experience. While poker tournaments continue to be popular in casinos, and between friends as a social occasion, online poker tournaments are becoming increasingly regular events where gaming aficionados can come together.

After registering for an online poker tournament, the money from all registered players is grouped together to make the prize pool of money to be won. While tournaments are occasionally cancelled for not having enough players, this is rare, and you will not lose any money by registering.

On the day, shortly after buying in, the playing can commence. There are multiple ways of structuring a poker tournament, with the most exciting being the multi-table format. This allows many games to be going on simultaneously at different ‘tables’ or games. This is a great way of playing, as it is significantly more dynamic than the ‘single table’ format, and accommodates more players – and therefore higher winnings. Also, the fact that so many players are involved in a multi-table tournament means that the buy-in is considerably lower.

Most sites and casinos have daily tournaments, giving you continuous chances to win big. However, if you are not yet well-versed in the rules and strategies of online poker, don’t be put off! It’s not all about winning; rather, it’s all about honing your skills, and playing with players from across the world. The low stake demanded by most multi-table poker tournaments allows you to improve without running the risk of losses.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of, and possible winnings from, online poker tournaments, then we advise that you do plenty of research. Learning from the experts is the best way to improve your game and get you ready for the big leagues.

How to Play Games For Free

We all like the chance to get something for free, particularly if we have the opportunity to win some money because of it. In the following article we will outline a few of the ways you can play games for free online.

F2P – Free To Play

There are a huge number of free games online that can be accessed simply via streaming. However, a lot of them vary dramatically in quality so it is important to know where to look. Some websites offering these types of games will categorize them so that you know whether you are looking at a mobile game or something rather more upmarket such as a PS4 or Xbox option. The theme of these games can also vary from pinball games through to all-out war and action scenarios with fully realized graphics and gameplay.

Playing Casino Games For Free

There is also the possibility of playing casino games without having to put any of your own money in. This can happen through the good use of casino bonuses. Many bonuses involve casinos handing out free spins. These are usually affiliated with a specific slot game and can range from ten through to fifty spins depending on the casino. Players can simply sign up to the casino offering this bonus, create an account and accept their free spins. Any winnings created from these free spins are yours to keep plus you have been able to test out the game without paying a cent. Some casinos will also offer no deposit bonuses, which is simply a small amount of cash once the player has signed up. This can be used on a wide variety of games and also allows you to play for free.

Free games are fun but make sure to play them via a reputable site. In regards to playing casino games for free, players should also be aware that there are strict wagering requirements that come along with these games so winnings can’t necessarily be withdrawn instantly.

How To Have Fun And Make Money Doing It

There are a number of forms of online gaming and, if played properly, all of them can be rather lucrative. From streaming, e-sports through to casino games, we will outline the basics you need in order to make playing a way of earning.


Video game streaming has become huge. Some channels bring in a couple of billion users in just a month and the number of people who watch these games can be even higher. ‘Streamers’ are simply players who film themselves playing video games and then stream it online for people to watch. There are a number of sites where this takes place. Viewers pay a subscription fee to the channel and can watch all the games. In this way, players receive a percentage of this money.


In recent times e-sports has become huge. Gone are the days where the computer kid was a nerd. Instead, if you are truly exceptional with a joystick, you might very well be in with a chance to make some big bucks. Games such as Counter-Strike have become sports with the players the athletes. Millions of people tune in to watch these games live and if successful, the teams involved in the tournaments can win some serious cash prizes.


Online casinos are also a way to make some money for free. Spending some time searching out the best welcome bonuses such as ample amounts of free spins or no deposit bonuses can stand you in good stead. Playing well can result in winnings coming from the games without any money having been put down. Bear in mind here that often wagering requirements do apply unless you are able to find a bonus with none – they do exist. For the most part, though, this is not necessarily the way to earn money.

Whatever the method, it is entirely possible to play games, do something you love and actually make a living out of it.

Finding the Perfect Casino Game

Online casinos have opened up a vast range of options for their players. With the ability to provide a multitude of games from the traditional table games such as roulette and blackjack to the more relaxing slots, online casinos have opened up a whole new gaming world.

Classic table games are usually what come to mind when thinking of a casino. Blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat; these traditional games have made an easy transition to the online platform. Either in virtual form or the more recently developed Live casino format, these games come in a range of easy access options and come in a multitude of varieties. Poker games for example, being available in numerous deck options and roulette offering both European and American styles for a complete experience.

One of the most popular of casino games is the slot. These games come in a huge variety of different themes and styles. The original versions were large three reel machines that had large handles. Pulling the handle spun the reels and three of the same symbols lining up resulted in a win. Whilst physical slots do still exist, the most popular form is now online. With the improvements in technology, there are now huge numbers of slot variants, from the traditional three reel slot, to the more popular five reels slots and the jackpot progressives. All available in a huge number of themes, examples can be found here; it is easy to see why these games are so attractive.

For those that prefer something gentler, there are the soft casino games such as keno, bingo and scratch cards all available to play online as well and all covering a range of budgets and styles. Whatever the preference, there is something for everyone in this online casino world.

Traditional Games are Now Online

With the arrival of the Internet, many traditional games made the transition to the Internet in order to keep up to date with the improving technology. Some of these fun games will be outlined below. Beware, this good engender a sense of nostalgia in some!

Board games have long been a family favourite though there was often the problem of small pieces getting waylaid or misplaced. Not anymore! With the arrival of the Internet and the ability to play games online, many a family favourite is right here to play without the hassle of finding what is missing. The ever-popular Snakes and Ladders can be found in multiple forms. Some are aimed at children and add spelling quizzes throughout, others cater to the adults and instead of sliding up and down snakes they slide up and down a career. Puzzle games, join the dots, pick up sticks, monopoly, you name it, there is probably an online version. There is even online chess available and enables players to play against others around the world.

There are also many online versions of popular arcade games such as air hockey or ping pong. Unlike their real life counterparts, these games now no longer require physical exercise to enjoy them. The Internet is ever the friend to the somewhat lazy.

Casinos have also made the transition to the online world. Online casinos boast a wider range of games than the land-based versions. With a full range of slots, table games and even live games, online casinos cater to a wide variety of avid gamers.

All of these games and more are now instantly and easily accessible. This allows people to have fun, play games wherever they might be. Unlike before, there are no small pieces, no large areas needed in order to play simply a Wi-Fi connectable device.

World’s Biggest e-sport Prize Pools

To most, playing video games is just a hobby, a pass time. In the world of e-sports however, serious money can be made in competitive video gaming. In a list of the 100 largest prize pools ever offered, it starts at $132,684 for a League of Legends tournament and reaches $10,931,103 for a Defense of the Ancients tournament in 2014.

The International 2014: Dota 2 Championship

Held between the 18th and 21st July, the International 2014 took place in the KeyArena in Seattle, a venue with a seating capacity of over 17,000. The tournament was organised by Valve, who set the prize pool at $1,600,000, with an extra $2.50 added for every TI4 Compendium sold, a product on offer at the time of the tournament. The final prize of $10,931,103 was divided between 14 teams, each consisting of 5 players, with $5,028,308 going to the team in 1st place.

Highest Paying Games

Of the 13 e-sports price pools which have reached $1,000,000, 5 have been offered for tournaments of Defense of the Ancients 2, 3 for League of Legends, and 1 each for Smite, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Other Fun Ways to Win Money with Gaming

Not only are online games extremely fun, but there are some very real chances for you to win a substantial amount of money with a bit of skill and luck. Of course, a winning hand of poker or blackjack will often come to mind here. Still, there are numerous other fun ways to earn a bit (or a great deal) of extra cash through these exciting online platforms.


The best thing about slots is that you do not need to boast a great deal of skill to have a wonderful time. With Megafortune Dreams and other respectable portals, you will be able to enjoy numerous symbol combinations, multiple reels and captivating bonuses. Many will even allow you to experience a demo version for free before deciding to put any money down.


There are very few individuals who do not enjoy a round of bingo. There are several advantages to this unique game. While luck is generally the most important factor to win a round, most sites will enable you to interact with other players during a match. This extra level of communication is very appealing to those who may be feeling a bit lonely. We should nonetheless remember that bingo can offer some truly impressive cash jackpots.

Flash Games

Many will be surprised to learn that there are countless other flash games which offer real cash rewards. These are perfect for those who may not have the inclination or the skill to place a wager on tournaments such as poker. Most flash platforms can be learned in a matter of minutes and thanks to modern technology, they are truly awe inspiring. It is also likely that no downloads will be required; a bonus for those with limited computing power.

These are three of the top ways to make a bit of extra money with online gaming. Why not try these out for yourself to appreciate the possibilities?