Month: May 2018

Ready To Start Your Career As A Sports Manager? We’ve Got You Covered.

Love football? Dream of becoming the best football manager in the world? If you’ve answered yes and yes to these questions, then you should be playing ManagerZone. A competitive and exciting game, ManagerZone requires you to plan out your football strategy long term, as the aim of the game is to build up a football team in as realistic a manner as possible.The best way to become a good sports manager is to invest in your players. Scouting out potential stars at a young age and recruiting them for your Youth Academy is invaluable. You must also buy and sell players on the transfer market, and send your players to training camps to improve their attributes. Another important way to invest in your players is that as your senior players approach 31 years of age, they will start thinking about retirement, and in these cases, it’s your job as the Manager to convince them to stay on with your team as Coaches. The ManagerZone website has a very interesting beginner’s guide that can give you a lot of insight into these techniques.Another great way to become the best sports manager in football on ManagerZone is to invest in tactics. Default formations are available, but the best way to win is to create custom formations that are based on your players’ specific attributes.With sales taxes on your transfers and work permits for foreign players, ManagerZone really does try to emulate reality as much as possible. It’s a great game and the best way to become a great sports manager is to keep practising and reading up until you know your way around the game and are ready to compete with the best. And if football isn’t your game, you can become an ice hockey manager instead!