Online shooters

Much in the way of progress has been made in the world of virtually shooting people in the virtual head of late. Previously limited to LAN networks and shaky dial-up Quake matches in the dark lands of the 90’s, the First-Person shooter (or FPS as they are known) has become the largest and perhaps the most accessible genre in modern gaming.Certainly, the continued dominance of paint-by-numbers, largely uninspired FPS games (Call of Duty and Battlefield, I’m looking at you) show the consumer is losing none of their interest in the field. Not all FPS titles, however, share this lack of risk-taking.Want a cartoon-like shooter with bright visuals, a fun and addictive item system and possible long-term addiction to collecting hats? Steam’s Team Fortress 2 may be for you. Plus, it’s free.Want to stomp around in a huge robot, jetpack to the other side of the map and blast someone with a fusion cannon? Try Titan fall for the PS4.What about something soon-to-arrive that may give the FPS a fresh new spin? The Wii U exclusive Splatoon, highly anticipated, is a team-based game where your assault rifles and C4 are replaced with … paint. Oh, and you are a squid that swims through the paint. Sounds ridiculous, is ridiculous, but the frantic fast-paced style of play already demonstrated has led many to assume Nintendo has a potential game-changer on its hands. Check out a Youtube video.The most important thing to remember when playing FPS games online, though, is that your enjoyment may be adversely affected if you do not appreciate pre-pubescent children screaming obscenities at you. ‘Fore warned is fore (heavily) armed.